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In the heart of the countryside nearby Tarentum, among the horizons of the Ionian coast, there is the house family winery Trefontane.
It’s the year 1920.

From the care and the ambitions of three generations developing among technology and modernity, respectful of the ancient wine-industry traditions, it results the wine-producing farm Tenuta Trefontane.  From the  land of origin of Nicola, founder of the farm winery, it gets the grape, product of the Apulian land, with the aim of turning it into  an “endless wine bowl”.

Winegrower from the area of Gioia del Colle, native land of the primitivo vineyard,  Nicola moved to the sea boundaries so that the commitment and the tiring work were refunded by wines that are single in flavour, variety and concentration.

The vineyards landscape extending until the sea, the boldness of his son Andrea and  his nephew Nicola, the tenacity of the vine growers, often available to grow them only in the name of   love as well as despite any economic and marketing logic, makes it worth subjecting nature until its extreme limits.

Over 30 hectares of the land, composing the  Winery Tenuta Trefontane, are grown by the care of a garden, plant after plant.  These passionate farmers, nearly “guests” of a portrait with bittersweet colours, consider themselves and the wine-production as a phylosophy, with the absolute priority of quality production despite any marketing consideration.

The Winery Tenuta Trefontane lies along the lands of the Salina and Mar Piccolo, on the northern-eastern side, immediately behind the Ionian Gulf, whose essences it takes in order to convey them into the product of the land, i.e. grapes having exciting scents, such as ancestors of nearly ancestral flavours of mulberry, cinnamon that we find in the heavy red wines and in the fresh white ones.

Nowadays, Nicola is working, with meticulous care, on the control of the production, from the grape selection to the final product, by means of the most modern strategies concerning the wine-making process as well as by the co-operation of Italian technicians and wine experts, thus brilliantly undertaking new business and  promoting all over the world the knowledge of the winery product from Taranto.

The work of the winery farm is based on the production of the local varieties: Primitivo, Negroamaro, black Malvasia. Meanwhile, they are also trying to interpret, in a modern key, those varieties which are part of the regional heritage, that perfectly meet the more and more attentive tastes of the young audience, managing to  satisfy the most refined and demanding palates.

They would like to preserve such flavours as joys leaving from these vineyards  in order to increase the dignity of their land and of those who, with religious vocation, work there: the individual, with his affection for a country civilisation that drew its oldest origins from the land.


Tenuta Trefontane | Via Trefontane, 5 - 74122 Taranto - Puglia - Italia | Tel. +39 099 7771277 - fax +39 099 7776350 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Credits: Errepi Net &